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Quarterly Pilot Meet-up 05/05/2018

April 20, 2018

SouthWings Quarterly Gulf Pilot Meet-Up
featuring the FAA Louisiana FAASTeam
May 5, 2018
9:00 am – 12:00 pm
New Orleans Lakefront Airport

You’ll have the opportunity to meet SouthWings’ staff, learn about our programs and partnerships in the Gulf, the work we’re doing to protect and restore our coast, and what you can do to help.

logoFAA@1xLouisiana FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) and SouthWings present:


Things My Instructor Never Taught Me

Join us from 9:00 am -12:00 pm for a round table discussion including subject matter experts in the field of aviation instruction and aircraft maintenance.

Topics will include:

Personal Minimums
Inflight Weather Assessment
Aviation Risk Management

Attendees will receive Wings Program credit

Venue Information

New Orleans Lakefront Airport
6001 Stars and Stripes Boulevard, New Orleans, LA 70126 (504)243-4010
Main Terminal Building, 2nd Floor Main Conference Room

Aircraft fuel available through Signature Flight Support (504-241-2800) and Flightlinefirst (504) 244-4448

Aircraft parking available on the Terminal Building ramp (area noted in green)

Terminal Map for Parking


Space is limited and registration is required to attend. Please click here to register.

Learn more about our speakers:

Alan Malone
Flight Instructor / FAA Pilot Examiner (retired)

About Alan

Alan Malone has been flying light airplanes since 1960,
when he was a freshman at college. Nine years later he took a
job at a flight school and as one of his duties taught the private
pilot ground school. That worked out pretty well, so his boss
offered him training for a commercial ticket and a CFI
certificate, and a new flight instructor was born.
Alan found that he liked the work and continued to instruct
students at Spremich Enterprises for the next six years.
Unfortunately, that occupation didn’t yield enough income for
him to maintain his Volkswagen Beetle, and he reluctantly
decided he’d better get himself a real job for a living.
He got a job teaching high school and continued his
instructing as a sideline, making him one of the few people ever
to take a job as a classroom teacher to increase his income.
Soon the FAA found themselves short an examiner and
offered him the position. He spent the next 26 years as a
designated examiner, conducting approximately 2000 check
rides in that time, supplementing his income as a teacher and
serving the general aviation community.
In 1995 he retired from his teaching job and soon after that
he retired from being an examiner, returning to his first love,
teaching folks to fly. He now has close to ten thousand hours of
flight instruction given, and holds a bunch of certificates and
ratings, including a ground instructor rating.

In 2013 he started writing essays having to do with aviation
topics, and his friend Jim Rivere, who published the LaAviator
aviation BLOG started publishing these essays on line. Five
years later, he is still at it, publishing approximately one essay
per week and still loving it.
In January of this year he suffered a minor stroke which
invalidated his medical certificate, and he had to give up flying
when he didn’t have a back-up pilot aboard who was safe and
legal to get the plane back on the ground; so he had to stop
instructing non-rated pilots. He still gives the occasional
Biennial Flight Review and Instrument Proficiency Check, as
long as he is flying with a current pilot.
Alan is here today to preach one of his favorite sermons,
the appropriate use of personal weather minima by general
aviation pilots.

Mary Donahue
Lead Representative, FAA FAASTeam

About Mary

BA Anthropology, University of New Orleans
FAR Part 135 Charter Operations at KNEW
First Officer L’Express Airlines
FAA Aviation Safety Inspector

Mary Donahue is a native of New Orleans and is married with two children. She received a BA in Anthropology from the University of New Orleans and began her professional aviation career in 1981 as a CFI, CFII, MEI and ATP. Mary worked with various flight schools, Part 135 charter operations and as a First Officer with L’Express Airlines at Lakefront Airport. In 1997 she became a FAA Aviation Safety Inspector working with the Baton Rouge FSDO office where she retired from in 2014. Mary is now is the Lead Representative with the Louisiana FAASTeam.

Emmet Bartholomew
SouthWings Gulf Region Volunteer Pilot Recruitment / Asst. Chief Instructor Pilot, Gulf Coast Aviation

About Emmet

Emmet is a lifelong resident of Southeastern Louisiana. He joined the SouthWings team in 2014, desiring to match his aviation skills and passion to protect the environment. In addition to flying with SouthWings, he is also a corporate pilot with Ochsner Health System / AirMed International, Assistant Chief Pilot with a flight school and Captain, mission pilot, safety officer and instructor pilot with the U.S. Air Force Civil Air Patrol. Emmet is also a volunteer diver with the Audubon Institute Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans where he helps raise awareness of the fragile wetlands and ecosystem throughout Louisiana. When not in the air or underwater, Emmet enjoys running, hiking, tennis, motorcycling, boating and performing music and stand-up comedy.

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