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Larry Colvin

Asheville, North Carolina
September 27, 2019
Larry Colvin is a snowbird who flies his Cirrus SR-22  between homes in Asheville, NC (summer) and Pompano Beach, FL (winter) with wife Susan and their two watch dogs (Timex and Rolex).  He is a retired Continental Airlines Captain with over 55 years and about 25,000 to 30,000 hours of flying military plus civilian jets and about 1,000 hours of general aviation aircraft.  Larry is a  licensed Airline Transport Pilot, having flown Boeing 707, 727, 737, 757/767 plus Douglas DC-8, DC-9, MD-80, Military C-130, RB-57 (Canberra), and a few others.
He is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and a Vietnam Veteran.  As a hobby, Larry, with Susan, raise birds (about 100 finches and conures), in addition to maintaining several tropical fish aquariums and turtle/fish ponds.  His interests include preservation of the environment for native birds, wildlife, and native fish.

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