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Peter Stauble

Charlotte, North Carolina
October 29, 2018

Peter grew up in Switzerland and has made Charlotte, NC home since 1982.

He was able to start flying as a teenager when he was accepted into a government sponsored program aimed at getting interested youth into aviation, to recruit pilots for Swissair and the Swiss Airforce. He didn’t make a career of flying, but instead a lifelong passion. He has flown for over forty years, with trips all over the United States, including Alaska. He is instrument rated and a certified flight instructor. He joined SouthWings in February 2016 and volunteers flying a a Cessna 182, which he restored, and a Piper Cub PA11.

Peter has lots of hobbies, can fix almost anything, loves nature, taking photographs and is passionate about protecting the environment. You can follow him on Instagram at @viewsfromabove

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