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Steve Rhode

Raleigh, North Carolina

Steve Rhode has been a certificated pilot since 1988. He is an instrument-rated pilot based in Raleigh, NC. He is a dog rescue pilot who flies dogs from kill shelters up north for adoption, the Chief Pilot of the Wake Forest Fire Department and the Chief Pilot of the North Carolina Public Safety Drone Academy at Montgomery Community College. He is a member of the Civil Air Patrol and an international educator in the field of Unmanned Aircraft Systems used by law enforcement and fire services. He’s also an on-call pilot for North Carolina Emergency Management and frequently flies search and rescue missions and flights to support fire and rescue services.

When he’s not in the air he writes for AOPA on public safety topics and has been a consumer debt expert since 1994. These days he provides free help and advice to people all across America on how to find good solutions for money worries and problems through his very busy website. He’s also the author of five personal finance books, an expert who has appeared on all the major news networks and has been a practicing photojournalist.

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