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Wendell Todd Jr.

Marietta, Georgia

I soloed a Cessna 170B just after my 16th birthday, having had 7.5 hours of instruction. Passed private pilot check ride at age 17. Commercial license and instrument rating was completed before starting college. I have flown skydivers and done some commercial charter flying, but most of my flying is personal business. Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award was received in 2011. More than 7800 hours total have been logged, more than half in the same Beech Debonair over the last 31 years.

Early acceptance to medical school was attained. I did an internship at Charity Hospital in New Orleans, then did an otolaryngology residency. At heart an academician (now professor emeritus of otolaryngology and pediatrics, Emory University), I served ten years active duty in the U.S. Public Health Service (Indian Health Service).

I am now writing a book about what Wright Brothers Master Pilot Awardees think contributed to their track record of safety.

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