• SouthWings takes people up in the air to see environmental challenges in a way no one bound to the earth can.

    Photo © Robert Llewellyn
  • SouthWings’ flights give passengers the inspiration and evidence they need to take action to protect and restore the communities and ecosystems of the Southeast.

    The failure of the coal ash dam at TVA’s Kingston power plant in December 2008 was a vivid reminder of the dangers inherent in our nation’s reliance on coal. Within days, SouthWings was on the scene to document the impact of the spill, and our aerial images brought home the magnitude of the problem in a way no other medium could. We remain on the forefront of the region’s work to clean up the way we generate electricity, from exposing mountaintop removal sites to campaigning for the closing of coal-fired plants to promoting clean, renewable alternatives. Who We Are Photo © Dot Griffith, courtesy of Appalachian Voices
  • SouthWings takes our partners so many places that they would not be able to see from anywhere but the air.

    Following the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster in 2010, SouthWings' volunteer pilots took an unprecedented number of flights to assist in response efforts. We provided an aerial perspective to journalists, photographers, film crews, policy-makers, and other stakeholders to reveal the magnitude of the environmental impacts and help them – and the world – understand the scale and scope of the disaster and the relief efforts at hand.How We Work Photo © John Wathen
  • SouthWings flies community and conservation organizations and individuals with the greatest potential to influence positive environmental changes.

    Over our history, SouthWings has partnered with thousands of individuals and organizations ranging from local “save our watershed” and environmental justice groups to international conservation powerhouses. These partnerships have led to countless real victories for the environment and communities of the Southeast. Fly With Us From left to right, Amelia Burnette, Southern Environmental Law Center; Volunteer Pilot Andy Meranda; Pam Torlina, Pacolet Area Conservancy. Photo courtesy of Pacolet Area Conservancy.