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Our Team

Get to know SouthWings' exceptional staff and board members


Our small team is spread across the regions we serve, and is dedicated to solving environmental issues by understanding tangible solutions and constructing flight experiences that inform and persuade our flight partners and target audiences to take desired actions.

Board of Directors

SouthWings’ Board of Directors volunteer their time to provide mission-based leadership and strategic governance. Our board members help spread the SouthWings story of transformative flight experiences.
James O. Mills, Board Chair
Chattanooga, TN

Ken Knevel, Secretary
Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA
(formerly New Orleans, LA)

Brett Smith, Treasurer
Chapel Hill, NC

Hap Endler
Black Mountain, NC

Hume Davenport
Asheville, NC

Landon Thorne
Sheldon, SC

Elisabeth Donnovin
Lookout Mountain, TN