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Every flight we arrange begins with a summary of our partners' needs via the form below.

SouthWings partners with conservation groups, community groups, media, and decision-makers to provide a unique perspective to better understand and solve pressing environmental issues in the Southeast.

After you submit the form below, our staff will evaluate your request and endeavor to match you with an available and interested volunteer pilot located in your requested flight's region.

Before you Begin ...

Please make sure you have read this overview and have the following information on-hand before getting started:
  • The type, purpose, and expected outcome/s of your flight
    How will this flight help elevate your organizations' mission?
  • Flight location
    What specific landmarks, built sites, or geographic features are you interested in viewing? We work with our pilots to plan flight routes ahead of time, and pilots always have the final say on based on airspace regulations, weather conditions, and comfort flying over energy plants, open water, etc..
  • Preferred dates
    Make sure you've identified a few alternate dates that could work. We are able to serve you best when you schedule at least two weeks out.
  • Passenger headcount
    How many people from your organization will be on the flight? Prior to the flight, each passenger will be required to provide their contact information and weight as per FAA guidelines, as well as a signed liability waiver prior. 
Have any questions? Our capable staff is ready to help you plan a meaningful and impactful flight. Drop us a line or give us a call and we'll get the ball rolling.

Once you have submitted the form, our staff will respond within two business days with next steps and/or any clarifying questions. Get a jump start on flight preparations by exploring our Passenger Resources.

Flight request form


SouthWings arranges charitable conservation flights conducted by volunteer pilots operating under Federal Regulations Part 91 which apply to private, general aviation activities. Charitable conservation flights are not conducted under the same standard as commercial flights operating under Federal Regulations Part 121 or Part 135.