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Chelsea Easter

Eastern Program and Volunteer Pilot Manager

Chelsea is excited to join SouthWings as the Eastern Program and Volunteer Pilot Manager. She is looking forward to working with our wonderful volunteers and the entire team at SouthWings to provide this crucial service to those advocating for the protection of our environment. Chelsea is eager to enter the worlds of both non-profit organizations and environmental conservation, though the latter has always been a passion of hers. Born and raised in Baltimore, Chelsea grew up with a love for the rich ecosystem that is the Chesapeake Bay. She fondly remembers trips to the Eastern Shore and always wishing that the 5-minute trek across the Bay Bridge would never end. Chelsea graduated from Auburn University with a BA in both Spanish and Psychology and loves to figure out ways to use both of those skill sets in everyday life. Chelsea loves to spend her free time watching Turner Classic Movies, seeing live music and organizing anything and everything she can get her hands on.