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Eric Jakimier

Dallas, Texas

Eric finally scratched his flying itch after some forty years when he found himself spending time in East Texas on business for the real estate development company he started a couple of years prior. General aviation was a great solution for traveling to the smaller towns he worked in.


His wife Mary was his traditional “first passenger” (in August, in Texas…) in the battered 172 he completed his training in and upon landing she told him “we need a bigger plane”. Four weeks later he acquired a T182T that is the perfect traveling machine. And she has air conditioning….


Going all in, Eric has flown aerobatics, a few warbirds(Spitfire over white cliffs of Dover!), has an instrument rating, volunteers for Angel Flight and is the Finance Officer for a Commemorative Air Force squadron. Even before he obtained his certificate he was a member of more aviation museums than he can count.


Eric’s involvement goes back even further to when he went door-to-door at age 5 getting signatures to prevent the Corps of Engineers tearing down thousands of trees rerouting a river in town. Later he did volunteer PR work for the local Audubon Society and supported other environmental groups.


In addition to being a developer, Eric is a licensed architect. He is an avid photographer, sailor and loves the outdoors.

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