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Frank Bell

Tuxedo, North Carolina

Frank Bell retired in 2013 from running Camp Mondamin for boys in Tuxedo, NC having passed that along to his son. The camp introduced many boys to the mountains, rivers, lakes and trails in WNC. The boys paddle, climb, backpack, etc. in many of the back country areas. So, he’s had a long connection and interest in wilderness and semi-wilderness areas, especially locally, but also as far away as Canada and the western mountains. He loves to paddle, backpack, mountain bike, sail. SouthWings is a natural fit to his interests, combining natural resources and flying.

Aviation: During college, Frank worked as a CFI on weekends and aerial application in the summer, and joined the Marine Corps on graduation. Went through Naval flight training, flew RF4’s and EF-10’s in Vietnam. Since then he’s flown a Twin Comanche for business, promoting the summer camp, and numerous pleasure trips. In the last few years he got hooked on water flying, hence the Lake amphib (pictured), which he’s taken to Labrador, Ontario, British Columbia and Alaska. Most recently, he recertified his CFI, and will be teaching out of the Asheville Airport. He also flies occasionally for Angel Flight.

Married to Nancy Bell for 45 years, three children, six grandchildren.

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