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Ken Knevel

New Orleans, Louisiana

Ken Knevel (left, with Dean Wilson, Atchafalaya Basinkeeper) was born in Fargo, ND, raised in Indiana, and resided in Boston. He has lived in New Orleans, LA, and worked there as an architect for the last 30+ years. He received his private pilot ticket at 19 from his friend’s father, who owned a small airstrip amidst corn and soybean fields, just east of Lafayette, IN. He is president of the New Orleans Chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association, and before Hurricane Katrina, was building a Burt Rutan inspired, Cozy Mark IV, canard pusher aircraft. Most of that effort was decimated by the storm, so he purchased a Cozy III in Montreal, Canada, and flew it down to New Orleans Lakefront Airport. He is a partner in a Cessna 182 which he uses for SouthWings flights.

He and his wife, Toby, share their domicile with four German Shepherd dogs adopted from the New Orleans German Shepherd Rescue, which Toby runs and co-founded. Ken’s dream is have a plane ample enough to ferry their den of dogs around the country.

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