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Kimberly Métris

Clemson, South Carolina

Kimberly Métris is a flight instructor, commercial skydive pilot, and tailwheel aircraft owner. She was first exposed to aviation in South Africa and Zimbabwe, where she led studies on free-ranging large mammals and depended on small aircraft for wildlife immobilization and access to remote field sites. As a wildlife biologist, Kimberly participated in aerial wildlife surveys in Africa and North America, and—enamored with the perspective of the natural world from above—the transition from scientist to pilot just made sense. Kimberly loves any flying with a challenge or a mission, whether flying skydive ops, taking her Cessna 140 out to explore with her husband, practicing aerobatics, or mentoring other pilots to improve their skills and confidence. Kimberly provides training, outreach, and education on general aviation safety as a FAASTeam Representative out of the SC FSDO.

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