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Phil Hodge

Spring City, Tennessee

Phil and Margie Hodge have been co-pilots together since 1988, logging almost 4000 hours in their Archer. Phil is a structural engineer, and owns HABCO Erectors Inc, a small engineering/construction firm specializing in repair, retrofit, reinforcing and renovation of steel structures. Margie owns 100 Aker Wood Morgans, where as chief horse whisperer she breeds, raises, trains and sells Morgan horses, as well as giving riding lessons to children of all ages. Phil is also on the Board of Directors of the Cumberland County Playhouse. They are both active members of the Pine Grove Volunteer Fire District in Rhea County, TN. When not busy fulfilling one of those duties, or watching the electric meter spin backwards from the 50 KW PV solar array they installed on their farm, they can often be found on a cruise ship or freighter, somewhere on this beautiful third rock.

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