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Robert Searfoss

Atlanta, Georgia

The first time I flew a plane it was a solo flight. Not many pilots can say that. In the early 1980s I bought a one seat ultralight airplane and with model airplane memories, reading about ultralight flying, and coaching from other ultralight fliers, taught myself to fly it from a pasture near Atlanta, GA. It was like a schoolboy's dream -a bicycle that took to the air! In 1988 it was time to take proper lessons and earn a U.S. Pilot license. So flying has been a main interest for years.

When people go flying with me, the priority is a safe, fun, smooth, time with a good landing. Weather -clear weather is as with most pilots, the go, no go factor.

Environmental elements have been an interest too. Once I was Chairman of the Moscow, ID recycling center. I hosted a widely distributed early morning radio interview program about agriculture research and included many topics related to environmental care. For a federal agency, I edited and produced a newsletter reporting world-wide environmental events and issues. I'm for dismantling on planet dirty nuclear and doing better with smart off planet nuclear...the sun.

Fortunately, recently, SouthWings flew into view and I'm so glad to be part of the program. With SouthWings I get to fly and participate in positive activities that go way beyond my own fun in flying!

If the weather is good, we're going!

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