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Roy Zimmer

Winter Park, Florida

Roy Zimmer was born in Orlando, Florida and now lives in Winter Park. He has been married to Cindy Zimmer for 33 years. They have one son Trent who is also a private pilot and who graduated from the United States Merchant Marine Academy last year. Roy got his pilots license in 1969 in an Army Flying club upon returning from a tour in Vietnam. He has owned a Cessna 206 for about 15 years and is an avid ultralight pilot. In 1992 Roy and a friend flew two amphibious ultralights from Florida to the Amazon River in Brazil. He has since made a number of shorter trips in ultralights touring various parts of the U.S. Roy has retired from the insurance business after working for 30 years. He also volunteers for Angel Flight and enjoys sailing, swimming, and diving.

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