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Stephen Haggard

Mechanicsville, Maryland

Stephen is a Christian, a husband, a father, an officer in the US Navy, and a pilot.  He grew up in TN and currently resides in MD. He has a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Master degree in Aviation Systems, and he is a graduate of USNTPS (US Navy Test Pilot School).  Stephen drives a Prius, Yukon XL, his Ducati, or his Piper Lance (with 3 other partners in a LLC). He has been flying since he was 15 years old and got his license when he was 17. Stephen has been in the Navy for nearly 18 years and has flown over 30 different types of aircraft from gliders to the Boeing 707 with nearly 2600 hours of flight time. He enjoys photography as a hobby, and he loves just about any new technology (kind of an Apple fan). As a father of 4 teenagers, he and his wife stay pretty busy taking their kids to all their activities. His wife Jodie also stays busy homeschooling all their kids for the last 5 years. Stephen says “she is a pretty amazing woman, and truly my better half.”  He looks forward to serving his community and building new relationships through SouthWings in the Chesapeake region.

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