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Tom Kahlert

Huntsville, Alabama

Tom Kahlert and Sandy Reeder-Kahlert are both rated pilots,and both have advanced degrees.  They owna Bellanca Super Viking.  Tom has beenflying since 1969 including 21 years as a US Army Aviator and 30 as a commercial/privatepilot.  Tom’s military piloting includedairplanes and helicopters in Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos, most of the ContinentalUS, Central America, Germany, Israel, and Egypt including the Sinai. Sandy hasbeen flying over 12 years.  They are bothlong time contract employees of the US Missile Defense Agency, Tom as a SeniorSystems Engineer/Analyst and Sandy as Senior Mathematician/Analyst. Tom initiallyretired Oct 31, 2014 and was asked to rejoin MDA from March 2019 until July2021.  They use their airplane to visit 4daughters and sons in laws and ten grandchildren in NC, SC, and PA.  They have taken other trips to Cedar Key andMarco Island Florida, Bar Harbor Maine, the Rockies, most of the east coast, SEUS and the Mid-west.  They enjoy theHuntsville Symphony and Arts Museum, State and National Parks, MoontownAirport, kayaking, traveling to Europe, especially Germany and Italy, cookingand have been known to sip a bit of wine. Both are ardent believers in themission of Southwings and related conservation causes.  Tom flew his first two SouthWings missionssouth of New Orleans over the oil fields for Der Spiegel and Think ProgressDecember 3 – 5, 2014.

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